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“The TIMBo program opened my eyes, my mind and my heart."

"Throughout the program I discovered more about myself than I had in the last 20 years."

"Through the guidance of TIMBo I waded through all of the complex emotions I felt after the marathon and began to make sense of where they were coming from."

"Most of all the program showed me how to begin to give myself the gift of patience and self compassion.”

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TIMBo is a mindfulness-based intervention that includes mindful discussions on topics such as compassion, fear, confidence, shame, awareness and perspective, over 8 or 16 sessions. Discussions also include how and where emotions are felt and manifest in the body, and incorporate breathing techniques to help in creating full body awareness. TIMBo sessions always close with simple and gentle yoga sequence followed by a guided meditation. The TIMBo program is trauma-informed and gender-responsive (designed to be suitable for women who have experienced trauma) and is appropriate for everyone, regardless of an individual’s exposure to trauma or experience with yoga.

Download a Your TIMBo Group: What to Expect


TIMBo Facilitators

Boston, MA

Keyona Aviles, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, InnerSpace Maven, Icky Feeling Whisperer, and Actively Healing Healer.  She sees individuals and families at her private practice in the heart of Boston: Dorchester.  Keyona has been facilitating TIMBo groups / privates since 2014 and is an Associate Trainer in TIMBo facilitator trainings.  

"TIMBo values me as I am and in return allows me to value every part of  everyone - especially myself.  It has deepened my embodiment of awareness, acceptance, and space and allows my practice of being fully present to be sustainable. "

Rhode Island

Becky has been a licensed TIMBo facilitator since 2015. Becky has helped facilitate groups in RI and recently in Kenya. The TIMBo program has helped her deal with her own personal trauma and stress and become more confident in her everyday life.

Salem, MA

Hannah is a master's level social worker, registered yoga teacher, and licensed TIMBo facilitator. She teaches trauma informed yoga to women, men, and children at the Lynn Shelter Association. Hannah is the co-owner of The Salty Buddha yoga studio in Salem, MA, where she co-facilitates TIMBo groups for women and offers 1:1 private TIMBo coaching. Hannah is passionate about holding space for others to empower themselves with accessible TIMBo tools and practices for mindfulness and healing. She cherishes TIMBo for teaching her embodied practices, the power of radical acceptance, and for leading her on a path to living life fully. 

Hannah is available for private 1:1 TIMBo coaching and yoga, and can be reached at 

Seattle, WA

Connie is a licensed Reflexologist, Yoga Instructor and BodyTalk Practitioner .  She has been a TIMBo facilitator for several years and has run online groups as well as private and semi private  in person groups.  In gratitude for the healing she gained from TIMBo, she now shares these gifts as she works with her clients and yoga students.  Every woman deserves to live an amazing beautiful life.  Being involved in TIMBo gave Connie the ability to thrive and help other women do the same.

Andover, MA

Lynn Eikenberry has been practicing Iyengar and Hatha yoga on and off for more than fifteen years. She discovered the TIMBo method and found it to be both a powerful and concrete pathway to---and an ongoing practice of--healing. This year Lynn traveled to Africa with a team of facilitators for YogaHOPE’s Global Outreach Project at the Rona Foundation, Kenya. She is currently co-facilitating at Coolidge Corner Yoga, and is very excited to be starting sessions with women at  Pine Street Inn and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center over the next few months.  

In addition to facilitating TIMBo groups, Lynn uses her Masters in Public Health to advocate and serve as an activist for women and girls. She is a certified Rape Crisis Counselor and both a volunteer and on the board of directors for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. 

Trish Gardner

Rhode Island

Trish Gardner has been a Health and Fitness Coach for over 10 years. Her own struggles with body image and learning disabilities lead her to pursue a career where she could help empower others. Over the years she has helped many men, women and teens learn to love themselves and take control of their health. However, when she began her TIMBo journey in 2016 she learned to truly love and accept herself. Trish is abundantly grateful for the healing energy of TIMBo and is excited to pay it forward. Trish co-facilities TIMBo groups at the Taunton State Hospitals WRAP program as well as public groups in RI.

In addition to TIMBo Trish has completed courses in Mindfulness and Mindful Educator Essentials.

Cambridge, MA

Martina is an activist, Masters level mental health counselor and expressive arts therapist, and a domestic and sexual violence advocate who has been involved with TIMBo since 2014, crediting the practice for giving her her life back and helping her turn her pain into her purpose by empowering others like herself who are healing from complex trauma. Martina became a licensed TIMBo facilitator in 2016 and has since been offering both individual TIMBo coaching and TIMBo circles to survivors in domestic and sexual violence agencies where she works from a place of mutuality and the firm belief that a lifetime of trauma does not have to be a life sentence but with the right tools having a trauma history can ignite passion and dedication to social and restorative justice. Martina's work as a TIMBo-informed provider is focused on ensuring this type of transformative healing is inclusive and accessible to all and she is excited about bringing the program to institutional settings where she believes it could serve as a framework for working with marginalized populations. She is available for individual TIMBo coaching and survivor mentorship.

Katherine Gekas

Boston, MA

Katherine Gekas has been practicing yoga for about twenty years and became a certified Trauma Informed Mind Body (TIMBo) facilitator through in 2016.  She has been a practicing clinical herbalist since 2014 and finds that the two trainings/approaches are personally healing and that one practice informs the other.  She helped facilitate a group in Hopkinton, MA and is currently co-facilitating a group in Wellesley, MA.  She is also finding the program to be continually transforming on a personal level, and loves witnessing transformation in others as they move through the program.

Boston, MA

Melanie Hannon is a LICSW and LADC.  Currently, she is enrolled in a social justice trauma-informed yoga teacher training, participating in an online TIMBo module, and co-facilitating a TIMBo group in Wellesley, MA.   Melanie is passionate about holistic healing and helping others.  She has personally and professionally experienced profound healing through integration of TIMBo techniques and utilizes TIMBo in her daily life to help manage stress. 

Jennifer Harvey

Natick, MA

Jennifer Harvey, was in the 1st TIMBo Training in Jan. 2012 and became a certified TIMBo facilitator in Nov. 2012. She completed most of her TiMBo training in Haiti. Since then she has been a co-facilitator in many programs and trainings, in both the US and Kenya. She is the owner of Laughing Dog Yoga Studio in Wellesley, MA. Prior to opening the studio she worked full-time, for many years, as a licensed psychotherapist. She has extensive training in mind/body practices (including yoga, Nia and meditation), the treatment of trauma and positive psychology. For Jennifer, the TIMBo program combines the key elements for healing and empowerment in a way that is rich in it's simplicity, practicality and wisdom. For her, each session, each group, each woman bears witness to the strength, compassion and resilience within us. 

Petaluma, CA

Nan Herron, M.D. is a psychiatrist as well as a yoga and meditation teacher who lives in Northern California. She specializes in working with folks who are dealing with PTSD and the effects of the traumas of everyday life. She focuses on using a blend of Western techniques and Eastern non-traditional interventions. She has facilitated TIMBo groups in the US and Kenya, and uses TIMBo techniques on a daily basis in her work in locked in-patient psychiatric wards, as well as on herself  to manage whatever comes her way. 

Boston, MA

Inspired by her own experience using yoga and breath in part of her PTSD recovery from surviving the

Haiti 2010 earthquake, Suzy Kratzig enrolled in her first TIMBo training in April 2012. A few months later,

she returned to Haiti to complete her second training alongside other Haitian earthquake survivors who

were implementing TIMBo in their communities. While working full time in both international

development and education, Suzy continued to pursue her TIMBo training and her own yoga,

mindfulness, and breathwork practice. Suzy is now a certified TIMBo Facilitator and has co-facilitated at

Coolidge Corner Yoga.

Mindy Loiselle, MSW, LCSW

Richmond, VA

Mindy B. Loiselle MSW, LCSW has been a clinical social worker for over 40 years. She has specialized in the treatment of children and adults who have histories of abuse and neglect and the impact of traumatizing events. She has also been a yoga practitioner throughout this time and received her 500 hour teacher training in 2007. In 2016 she completed her TIMBo facilitator training and values it as a central component of her clinical work.


Her publications include Shining Through for sexually molested girls, Back on Track for molested boys and Rewind/Rebound for molested teenage males (co-author-Safer Society Press) and Treating Trafficked Children (lead author, web site USCCB-BRYCS). She received her master’s certificate in Global Treatment of Trauma from Harvard University. She trains, consults and supervises in a number of areas including clinical training of social workers, child abuse and neglect, attachment, trauma, child trafficking and yoga and breath work interventions for Depression and PTSD.

Boston, MA

Allison Lurie is a fourth year Clinical PsyD student at William James College and the Lead Trainer of the Online Facilitator Training.  She has a focus in health psychology, and has has experience in working with chronic pain patients across the lifespan. She has been involved with yogaHOPE since 2012, and has been part of the prison initiative, run groups with clinicians in a mental health agency, and with women in a low-income housing development.  She has found the TIMBo program to be a source of personal growth, healing, and community.  She has observed the program catalyze tremendous change and empowerment within herself and the women with whom she has worked.

Duxbury, MA

Zoe MacLaren is a professional yoga teacher and grant writer living on the South Shore of Boston. She has been facilitating TIMBo groups in person and online since 2014 and also assists in the facilitator training program. TIMBo has helped Zoe eradicate symptoms of anxiety that she lived with all her life, and she is honored to share this powerful tool with other women on the path to self-healing.

Boston, MA

Emily is a yoga instructor and Reiki Master who found TIMBo after the Boston marathon bombing.  She is currently a Lead Trainer for the program and has traveled within the U.S. and to Kenya to run the program, collaborate with other organizations, and train facilitators.  She has been facilitating  the program in person, individually and in groups, and online since 2013.   After years of struggle and trying several different treatments and methods, TIMBo was the program that gave Emily her life back.  She would like everyone  to have access to TIMBo, which allows one to find connection to themselves and others while maintaining  a sense of agency in the healing process. 

Boston, MA

Kira Pullig, LICSW works as a Behavioral Health consultant at a community health center in East Boston and a private practice therapist. She speaks Spanish, is a Kripalu-trained yoga teacher and has been a TIMBo facilitator since 2013. Kira participated in the Prison initiative, has facilitated a group for human service professionals as well as a community group in Wellesley.  She has found the TIMBo program to be an accessible and powerful source of learning, healing and transformation, both within herself and the women with whom she has worked. 

Boston, MA

Jenny Silverberg has been helping people play, heal and empower themselves through body-centered modalities since 2000. She holds a Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Lesley University, is licensed in the Nia Technique, Art of Feminine Presence, and is the owner of Studio Joy. Jenny found TIMBo in 2015, and was immediately inspired and humbled by the power of this program. In 2016 she became a TIMBo facilitator, and has seen many women move through fear, step into their personal power, and flourish in every aspect of their life. “I believe TIMBo is the gift that keeps on giving, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this community.”

Boston, MA

Rebecca Stoltz is a public health professional with a focus on behavioral health, the impact of stress and trauma on children and families, and using science to inform public policy and programs. Becca is a yoga teacher (RYT-200), an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, and a licensed TIMBo facilitator. She has taught adults, children, and adolescents; women with breast cancer; men and women navigating complications with HIV/AIDS, and people who are in jail or prison. Using her work in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, Becca founded the Mindful Breathwork Project, through which she offers trauma-responsive mind-body practices in both private and community-based settings, as well as provides consulting and program design for professionals who experience secondary or vicarious trauma through their jobs serving others. 


Becca earned her masters in public health from Boston University School of Public Health and her bachelors from Tufts University. She sits on the Leadership Council of Girls On Fire Leaders, a global nonprofit that brings training, education, and healing to girls in Kenya and Tanzania. You can follow the Mindful Breathwork Project on Instagram: @mindful.breathwork.

Holyoke, MA

J. Vecchia is a certified yoga teacher & a certified TIMBo facilitator. She has been teaching yoga & meditation since March 2004. She co-owns Ingleside Therapeutic Massage & Yoga in Holyoke,MA. She began her journey with TIMBo in Sept. 2015. J is co-facilitating TIMBo groups & has completed several 8-week TIMBo privates with women. J's heart is filled with abundant Gratitude & Love for the healing energy of TIMBo & how it guides & supports her to live with awareness, love, compassion & acceptance each day.

Rhode Island

Maureen Warner was Licensed as a TIMBo Facilitator in 2016.  She also has 14 years of experience as a Nationally Certified Hospice Care Worker with a total of 40 years of experience in the health care field. She is a Reiki Master with a long-life interest in Mind, Body, Healing. Being introduced to TIMBo at a crucial point in her life and experiencing the results, made her want to share this program with other women who are also dealing with chronic stress related to trauma. Maureen’s TIMBo practice has also been extremely beneficial in enhancing her own relationships as a mother and grandmother. 

Worldwide (Currently Kenya and Cambodia)

Elizabeth is a globetrotting TIMBo facilitator who has run a number of TIMBo programs and workshops in Kenya for cancer survivors, mental health patients, informal settlement dwellers, and compassion workers, as well as assisted in international online programs. She was responsible for organizing YogaHOPE’s cross-cultural training for marginalized widows in rural Kenya with participants from the US and UK, and arranged additional TIMBo technique workshops for cancer patients and rural Masai women.

On a personal level, the introduction to TIMBo in 2012 supported Elizabeth immensely in leaving an unhealthy relationship, moving countries, and resuming her career in international development. Having experienced the benefits that TIMBo afforded both her and the individuals she has worked with and mentored, Elizabeth is dedicated to strengthening the reach of TIMBo around the globe.

Yekta Zarrikafsh

Washington D.C.

My name is Yekta Zarrinkafsh. I am  a certified TIMBo Facilitator and TIMBo Trainer (in training). 

TIMBo has helped me a great deal to understand about my trauma and develop compassion with myself and others as I go through my healing process of PTSD and I aspire to share this experience with others who are open to receive it.

I have shared this experience with many groups in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. I have run groups in N street Village in Washington, D.C. and participated in training the staff of N Street to become Facilitators. I have also been a part of the global TIMBo training project for the girls in OMID Foundation in my native country of Iran. I am thrilled to be helping these girls to become TIMBo facilitators.

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