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See Below for Additional 4-day TIMBo Program Intensive Dates.

Our N street timbettes!
Final TIMBo group at Om Namo! ❤️❤️❤️
Day one _3
This training is postponed
Stay tuned for new dates!
Location: Candy's Place: 190 Welles Street, Suite 166
Forty Fort, PA 18704
8:30am-5:30pm daily
Jenny's TIMBo training experience

The NEW TIMBo 4-day Transformational Intensive is for anyone who wants to radically change their lives. Based on our powerful TIMBo Foundations training, the TIMBo 4-day intensive allows you to experience firsthand the power of this program.


You will also begin to understand how early childhood trauma and stress leads to long-term mental, emotional and behavioral issues and how the components of this program were designed to reverse that process. You will be given an experience of accessible trauma-sensitive yoga the opportunity to experience the TIMBo  nurturing touch.  Most importantly, this experience will change how you think about yourself and those around you—your life will be impacted immediately

*This program intensive will replace the Foundations training. Continuation to Module 2 and 3 is optional.

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