"Since the workshop, I have continued to use some of the tools you gave us with my trauma and anxiety patients, which is practically all my patients. They report great and immediate benefit from using the techniques. The explanations you offered for the operation of trauma in the brain have been useful in helping patients understand what is happening to them when they are experiencing a traumatic reenactment, and that alone is comforting to them. Your work is profound. What a gift—thank you!

"I felt very empowered after the workshop, as I don’t have a big grounding in working with trauma. I definitely will be using these tools and integrating them into my work, especially, but not only, with trauma patients"

"My clients come to me now when they need to breathe. My office is a space for them and their feelings. One client is bipolar and and has a lot of tears to shed. She comes to my office, we hold hands and grieve together. She said somethings she just needs a moment to be still. TIMBo is the reason I have been able to create that space for clients. I use the TIMBo tools to help them get out of their head. TIMBo Methods is such a simple way to help people and it is so available"

 "We went through a period when we believed you could change institutions without first changing the character of the people in them. But we were wrong. Social transformation follows personal transformation.”


David Brooks


TIMBo was originally offered as a defined curriculum that empowers survivors of trauma to heal and help others. The elements of the TIMBo curriculum have been a proven effective innovation,  changing the way in which staff of human service agencies live and work, and improving the overall effectiveness and impact of the organization.


Prioritizing the importance of the emotional/relational labor in organizations, agencies and systems; the TIMBo innovation spreads naturally through relational and social networks of the system and improves effectiveness in leadership, boosts staff morale and feelings of efficacy, creates transparent and empathetic communication channels and shifts the organizational culture from stressed stressed, traumatized and resistant to connected, cooperative and resilient.


TIMBo theory and program (from which language, practice and cultural elements are  derived) is research based, human centered, immediately impactful and completely accessible to all individuals regardless of age, education, race, sex, culture or socioeconomic status. Spread of the innovation is voluntary and organic. TIMBo branded materials give all individuals in the system a way to feel a sense confidence and ownership.


TIMBo is empowerment based, creating a natural desire in individuals who are impacted by the innovation to share with others.


Healing Centered Engagement

 Many organizations are training in trauma informed care. They are bringing trauma informed education to their staff and raising the organization’s awareness of early trauma in their clients lives. This is a good start, but it is likely not enough. Unfortunately many of the agencies intending to help individuals end up unwittingly re-traumatizing them due to a lack of self-compassionate awareness in the staff members combined with a lack of education on the power of moment to moment interpersonal relationships. Every moment of a client’s experience at an agency involves relationship, and these moments have the power to either repair or replicate an early traumatic experience. The key in improving the outcomes of agencies is in the awareness building and transformation of the staff within the agency.


 “We went through a period when we believed you could change institutions without first changing the character of the people in them. But we were wrong. Social transformation follows personal transformation.” —David Brooks

We commit to continuing this important work here in the United States, because we acknowledge that systems are made of individuals in relationships with one another. And that the individuals in a system each have their own life journey that informs their present moment reality. When we can compassionately acknowledge how all or life experiences impact us and the people around us, we can consciously use our awareness to create opportunities for healing, instead of unconsciously harming.


Because of TIMBo staff are feeling more effective in their jobs, experiencing less burnout and are part of creating an empathetic environment for both staff and clients—everyone is benefitting.


Positive Systems Impact

"Thank you again for bringing this to us!  The impact has already been tremendous!"

Director Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Taunton State Hospital WRAP program for women in Substance Abuse Recovery

"TIMB0 has made an enormous and immediate impact on the women here at our program.  We are a small program ( 45 total capacity) within a very large organization.  We serve civilly committed women who are sent to the program by the courts due to being evaluated and deemed a  danger to themselves or others due to their substance use.  They are here an average of 45 – 55 days. Once we began to learn more about TIMB0 , we hosted a full day workshop so we could share with staff and learn about the science as well as  the practicality of instituting TIMBo. We immediately began to do some groups with TIMBo practices of breath and movement.  It built itself really, and we were fortunate enough to partner with Sue Jones and her staff to offer TIMBo curriculum here at our program while we were getting some of our staff trained as facilitators."

Reducing Staff Burnout


Across health and social service organizations, there is typically high burnout due to the emotional and physical demands of the work. This naturally has a negative impact on the workers and associated clients. Providing mindfulness-based tools for care takers to utilize will reduce stress at the individual level and ultimately lead to a sustainable and trauma-responsive culture. TIMBo was created on the notion that trauma and other mental health challenges are most effectively addressed and healed through an integrative mind-body approach that it most impactful by building resilience through connection in communities. Originally a tool used for women suffering from chronic trauma, addiction, and/or abuse, the TIMBo program has expanded to a more broadly applicable method for use in clinical mental health settings at the systems level. The TIMBo methodology is a non-pharmacological approach to building self-resiliency and coping from trauma. We believe that traditional medical approaches to such problems are often ineffective. TIMBo offers a micro-to-macro shift of beliefs and behaviors. The shift is powerful and has the potential to infiltrate all areas of systems for dramatic effects.

Our programs have helped women heal and be empowered to create positive change in their lives, families and communities. When we offer this healing to staff and client alike, our systems can change and become more effective.