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With education, experiential learning and ongoing support for TIMBo practitioners we promote the diffusion of TIMBo to create change in families and communities.


We begin by healing the triggers of stress and trauma that are universal to all human beings. We harness the power of women, through train-the-trainer models and direct delivery to individuals. This is the key to providing programming that creates the salient, culturally appropriate and sustainable transformation in our world and for generations to come.


Training and Workshops

International Service Projects

Our N street timbettes!
Final TIMBo group at Om Namo! ❤️❤️❤️
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Jenny's TIMBo training experience
TIMBo 4-day Transformational Intensive
Date: August 28th-31st, 2021
Location: Edwards House, Framingham Ma
Cost: $975 (includes continental breakfast and lunch daily)

The NEW TIMBo 4-day Transformational Intensive is for anyone who wants to radically change their lives. Based on our powerful TIMBo Foundations training, the TIMBo 4-day intensive allows you to experience firsthand the power of this program.


You will also begin to understand how early childhood trauma and stress leads to long-term mental, emotional and behavioral issues and how the components of this program were designed to reverse that process. You will be given an experience of accessible trauma-sensitive yoga the opportunity to experience the TIMBo  nurturing touch.  Most importantly, this experience will change how you think about yourself and those around you—your life will be impacted immediately.

*This program intensive will replace the Foundations training. Continuation to Module 2 and 3 is optional.

**Lodging is available at Edwards House for an additional $75 per night.

This training will be rescheduled:
Stay tuned for new dates!
Module 2: Hands on Healing • Trauma Informed Yoga
Edwards House: 1 Badger Road Framingham, Ma
8:30am-5:30pm daily
*this training includes daily breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Hands-On Healing:

One of TIMBo’s main principles is the importance of the healing power of touch. We believe that safe, nurturing touch is integral to healing. We have combined the Hands-On Healing module with our Trauma-Informed Yoga module so that participants may understand what “safe touch” means and how to properly administer it in the context of the TIMBo trauma-informed yoga class. You will also gain an understanding of the healing effect of safe and nurturing touch on the brain and body, as well as what emotional anatomy is and how it is relevant to TIMBo. As always, you will learn about yourself—your own willingness to recognize the gifts you have to offer and your willingness to receive.


For one participant's powerful description of the experience of this module click

Trauma Informed Yoga:

Working with trauma survivors requires a keen awareness of how stress and trauma reside in the body. All too often, yoga teachers inadvertently instigate more trauma and stress in their students—and in a population of trauma survivors this can have devastating consequences. In this training, you will  learn what trauma-informed yoga is and how to deliver a TIMBo-specific trauma-informed yoga class. We will cover the key components and objectives behind integration postures, endurance postures and restorative postures, and you will learn how and why breath is the most crucial component of any class you will teach. These techniques, coupled with the instruction and practice of healing touch, will leave you with the tools to deliver a safe and powerful class that puts your group's recovery first and creates space for lasting change to occur.


*The TIMBo Collective requires that you take the 4-day transformational intensive as a prerequisite.

Module 3: Facilitation Technique
This training will be rescheduled:
Stay tuned for new dates!
Edwards House: 1 Badger Road Framingham, Ma
8:30am-5:30pm daily
*this training includes daily breakfast, lunch and snacks.



On participant's experience


*The TIMBo Collective requires that you take this training last.

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